10 weird things

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So, since i have started this little project i have had a lot of time to myself. During this time i have come to realize these ten facts:

1. I am very easily distracted — 110% sure i have ADHD

2. I hate when people use percentages over 100

3. I write better cross-legged

4. I think/brainstorm better with one leg on chair so that I can rest my chin on my knee

5. I talk to myself a lot, as well as my characters, and don’t know which is worse

6. I hate the verb “was”

7. I hate pencils but brainstorm better with a pencil than a pen

8. I surprise even myself as I write :::SPOILER::: i.e. I didn’t know the main character had a dead brother until I wrote it about an hour ago.

9. I love Times New Roman

10. And I am always, always hungry.

The Bonsai

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So early last week my little bonsai tree that i have been growing for the past two years was attacked by the weed-eater. I always leave my plants (i have a dwarf lime tree as well as a lilac bonsai) outside so they can enjoy the nice sun and weather. Every Monday morning they come around and take care of the yards at my complex. I usually leave them out and they just move them… i know a pain for them, but they are usually pretty good about it. But this week was different. The guy decided to just work around the plants, however, his weed-eater must have just nicked him cause it pulled him out of his pot, stripped much of his bark and amputated several limbs. Needless to say i was fairly pissed. I mean, i have had this tree wired to grow the way i wanted it to grow; i’ve been trimming and pruning so that he would develop the way i wanted him to. Then some klutz destroys my work in on quick second.

I dont mean to get all philosophical on you, but today has had me thinking a lot. Been a little sick so i haven’t really been writing as much as i would like to be doing. However, I have done some research and observation of plots and realized that my overall plot is alright; i just need a little fine tuning in the details. I have written through chapter 4 and today i realized that i need to reconstruct. So i am going back, cutting out chapter 3 all together and rewriting chapter 4. I was literally just sitting down to start that tonight when i looked over and saw my little bonsai. Thats when i realized that he actually looks better now than he did before. (i did some additional pruning after the attack).

So my point with all of this… Things aren’t taking off as smoothly or as fast as i was hoping. I have had to go back and cut things that i really wanted to put in. Some of those things have been elements that i have been bending and shaping to make the story go the way i want it to, but in the end they aren’t working. And like my little tree, my story needed a hack job. So i am not only behind by two chapters i am cutting one and revising another. Kind of a major set back, but its going to be for the best… i hope. Luckily i don’t have to wait two more years to see if these cuts make it better, unlike the bonsai tree.

P.S. That is my actual bonsai.

The Naming of Things

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So last night i was literally freaking out. Well, maybe not so literally but i was pretty nervous. I spent hours upon hours trying to figure things out but nothing was clicking, or at least not as quickly as i would have liked it to click.

To start off i had to come up with names for all of the main characters… mind you that i said the main characters; i havent even gotten to the secondary characters. May not seem like that big of a deal to you, and perhaps i was making it more of a mountain than the mole-hill it is BUT regardless of all that it was a chore. If you have had children you know what it is like trying to come up with the name that will forever be you child. Granted i havent had kids but i have lived on a dairy farm where we named everyone of our cows. Here is the difference between naming your kids and my characters

1. I had one night give or take…. you get nine months

2. I had to name over 10 people… at most i am guessing you named twins (unless you are the octomom but even then she had 8 and i had 10+)

3. In literature the names of things carry over a lot more than the do in the real world. A lot of the time the name makes the character where as in reality the child’s character makes their name.

Just of the top of my head you have characters like Lewis Carrol’s Alice, Peter Pan, Calvin and Hobbes, Darth Vader, and Hannibal Lecter. The names of these guys and gals largely contributed to their character. Not that I am saying i have a character with a name that carries into every land like Peter Pan. I’m just saying i take the names of my characters very seriously and it was harder than i was anticipating.

But that wasnt all. I did eventually come up with the bulk of names and then i stared at my white board trying to think of the main plot. I was up until 4 am trying to figure things out. I have several things that i want to see happen and things that have to happen but have to weave in the other characters story lines and conflicts all the while maintaining a steady flow. I thought i was screwed.

I went to bed very unsettled. Week one is halfway through and i am still trying to get day one and two things accomplished.

Then i woke up this morning, much earlier than anticipated since i had only been in bed for a few hours. I removed myself from my room and went to the part with a notebook. Then for a couple of hours i brainstormed and plotted and possibly napped. I rode my bike up the hill and covered in sweat i jumped in the shower and clear as a bell i knew what had to happen in the story. I did get a lot accomplished at the park, and had i not gone and done those things i never would have had that thought in the shower. This is just one more time that i have been guided in the shower (another time was when i was taking a shower in Japan and i hit me that i needed to change my major from Architecture to English. you know, nothing big).

Anyway i am catching up and its only 5:15pm. I could still be working for another 1o or so hours before bed.